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Brownies are new territory for me, last time I was baking, cakes and cupcakes were the only things that I sold. While I have been away brownies have become so popular so I thought I would give them a whirl.

I couldn’t believe how easy they were to make and after a few tweaks and a lot of taste testing I have found my favourite recipe. They taste out of this world and are the perfect combination of crisp top and gooey middle. For someone that wait for it............ doesn’t like cake, brownies are my Kryptonite but I hate how boring they are to look at. So I got to work on making them more exciting.

These were the 1st buttercream brownies I made - I was so proud of them. I used colour mill oil bases colouring, homemade mini chocolate bars, mini party rings & sprinkle rods from eBay. The brownies went down a storm so that got me thinking what else could I do with brownies.

And the brownie obsession was unleashed.........

Brownie Easter Eggs

Easter egg shell with chopped up brownie, chocolate buttercream to stick them In place smothered with m&m’s or mini eggs.

Brownie Stack

The 1st brownie stack I made was short and stumpy and I was not happy with it. l was so glad I practised 1st as I couldn't believe how different it looked compared to my vision - tasted amazing though.

luckily the second one I made was one to be proud of. I love the colour contrast with the dark brownie vs the vibrant buttercream.

The next 3 ideas have been created while on COVID19 Lockdown so they were all eaten by me & my husband. I decided to stop selling my treats and put a pause on my business as the stock was hard to come by and I only go to the shop once a week as my main focus is keeping my family safe.

Brownie Jars

These are exactly what they sound like - jars filled with brownie/ crunchie or fudge and chocolate buttercream.

Brownie Bites

I couldn't love these anymore they are so cute and fun I used white chocolate coloured with hot pink colour mill colouring to decorate the pretzels and the chocolate shards are the same chocolate poured onto bubble wrap.

Chocolate on Brownie

Like brownies weren't chocolaty enough.......

This is my brownie journey so far............ it might be a short journey but its one hell of a tasty one.

Sign up to get all my cake news straight to your inbox. If you have any ideas for my future brownies please leave them in the comments below or if you have any questions I’m more than happy to help the best I can.

Thanks for reading

Jo xx

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